Odder offers many different forms of accommodations. You can choose between holiday houses, hotels, inns, camping sites, holiday apartments and private rooms.

Odder Strand Camping

Camp sites

The kids love it! Fresh air, plenty of new playmates and something completely different from home. 

Bring your own caravan/tent or rent a van/cabin at the site. Vans and cabins can be found in all price ranges and standards. 

All camp sites at the OdderCoast is located right at the beach.

Familytime by the coast

Holiday homes

Whether going for lazy summerdays with the barbecue on in the enclosed garden and trips to the nearby beaches or going for quiet autumn afternoons with a lit fireplace or view of the icy waters - the Oddercoast welcomes you to the perfect accommodation. 

Odder Park Hotel

Hotels at the OdderCoast

Spoil yourself and a loved one with utter relaxation. Stay at a hotel and get proffessional service and quality without losing touch with the local quirks and treats.  


Other forms of accomodation

Having a big gathering? Joined by the extended family? Or just looking for a great place to gather a large group of friends for a great weekend? 

Playtime in the woods

In the open air

Wake up to the sound of the soft waves and go to sleep surrounded by the sweet scent of pinewoods and a gentle breeze at your feet. Take the tent on the back of your bike and spend the night in one of the picturesque and cosy nature camp sites.