Kvickly Odder

Visit Kvickly Odder and get everything you need for great taste sensations, quality time with your family etc. all in one place. 


Odder pedestrianized street
Odder has it all! There is something in it, even though we are only 25.000 inhabitants, there are several shops, eating places and experiences all the year round.

 Odder town attracts shoppers from both Horsens and south Aarhus - we have retail shops with a high level of service, cozy shops and small eating places. 

We offer 1000 free parkingspaces in a walking distance to our shops and the cozy market place provides the framework to Wednesday market, where it is possible to buy cheese, fish and fruits. 

Events in town

The marketplace with its fountain and fine buildings often provides the framework to great and small happenings. When the farmer comes to town it is here there is built a farm with animals and samples. When the snow falls in December the market place is turned into a Christmas market and it is also here there is live music and stage to the Shopping by night activities. 

Trading hours

Pedestrianized street:
Mon-Thursday open to 17.30 o'clock
Friday open to 18.00 o'clock
Saturday open 

Kvickly Odder:
Mon-Friday  9-20 o'clock
Saturday 8-18 o'clock
Sunday 9-18 o'clock

Køb Odder

The local chambers of commerce association is by now well on in years and every year it organizes many events in Odder, among other things Christmas activities, Shopping by Night and the popular Springmarket The Farmer comes to town. 

Read more information about the members of the association and their activities on Køb Odders homepage

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