In the heart of Denmark

Odder is placed in the heart of Denmark and we do love this little gem in the middle of the map.  

It is only natural then to show our four qualities in a heart to remind us and our guest to always take your heart with you, enjoy life, laugh, discover and share life with your loved ones. 

The OdderCoast has much more to offer than what can be seen on one day. 

Stay for a romantic weekend at one of our hotels, take two weeks out of the calendar with the kids or enjoy the good weather and spend the night under the open skies. We offer accommodation to all personalities, likings and pricerange.

Odder has a great selection of eating places, whether you are seeking gourmet, a quick lunch for the whole family or a romantic corner for you and that special someone.  

Odder has it all. There is something to it, because allthough we are only approx. 25.000 inhabitants, there are several shops, eating places and experiences all year around.  

Here you can meet eight different persons who are residing in Odder Municipality. Each have their own stories and recommendations to attractions and places in our little El Dorado. 

The OdderCoast offers biketours, nature experiences, prehistoric ruins and guided tours.

Find out what´s on - all year round. Search through our database to find events, activites and just the thing to complete your holiday in Odder. 

Perhaps you´ll stumble upon a market, concert, lecture og guided walk? 

Visitors on Odder Museum can see an exhibition about Denmark’s only pram factory and the ‘pram culture’ specific to Denmark. This is the story of the advancing deafness of a local ironmonger and his innovative development of the pram Oddervognen, later to become a household name. The exhibition traces the historical development of this Odder company and highlights the values in Danish culture leading Danish parents to let their babies sleep out-of-doors regardless of frost and snow! A practice that leaves the world wondering.



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