A paradise for anglers and kitesurfers.

The island of Alrø in Horsens inlet can be reached by car over a 1 km long dam which was constructed in 1929. The island is 7 km long and 5 km wide. It has been inhabited since the Stone Age.

Alrø's most famous inhabitant

The Danish writer Morten Korch has lived and worked on Alrø in periods of his life. He was inspired by the surroundings on the island and the farms such as Bakkegården og Møllegården which can be retrieved in his works. 

The origin of Alrø

Legend says that the island got its name in the Viking Age when the Viking King Hjarne lived on the nearby island Hjarnø. He married a young girl called Alrune and gave her Alrø. Their son Lave was given the island Endelave, which is situated southeast of Alrø.


The old "Møllegården" farm is today a resturant situated in an old stable. In the far corner of the island, near the tiny berth for the bicycle ferry, lies Café Alrø where you can treat yourself with a traditional danish course called "Tarteletter" and in the building of the former grocery store you can enjoy traditional danish meals at Alrø Traktørsted.  

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