The area of Odder

The Odder region is in many ways a minature Denmark. 

Long, childfriendly beaches - cosy harbours - green hills - wavy cornfields - windmills and blue inlets. 

And in the middle of it all the cosy shopping town of Odder.

The passage to Alrø


Legend has it the island got its name in the Viking ages, when the Viking Chief Hjarne lived on the island Hjarnø. He married the girl Alrune and gave her an island, since then known as Alrø. Their son Lave was given the island Endelave.

Norsminde inlet


A small town with a great history - As far back as 6.600 BC there is traces of inhabitants in Norsminde.

Townsquare in Odder


Visiting Odder you´ll soon find you´ve come to a cosy and thriving little town. 

The Odder Feeling

Music by Michael Kolster from 'Nice Little Penguins'. Photos by Odder Photo Club.

Children love the beach


Saksild Strand is one the very best on the Eastcoast of Jutland. Childrenfriendly beaches with neither big waves nor dangerous undercurrents. In summer the beach is buzzing with life and activities. 

Hou boatbuilding


Hou is much more than just a small harbour with ferries to Tunø and Samsø. You´ll fall in love with the cosy marina, the harbour Fête and the maritime activities and great fishing spots. 

Tunø Harbour

Tunø - visit the island

Tunø is just an hour's sail from Hou - offering you an active day outdoor. You´ll often find the weather to be better than the rest of the country due to the location of the island.