Bjørn Olsen - The good life with a helping of sky and sea

Bjørn Olsen
Bjørn Olsen serves food including peace and quiet

When the chef Bjørn Olsen arrives for work at Restaurant Himmel og Hav (Sky and Sea) in Kysing on an early summer morning, he begins by brewing coffee. Then he goes to the beach for a dip in the sea. By the time he returns to the restaurant, his coffee is brewed and ready to be enjoyed out on the patio with a fine view across the Kattegat.

- Having nature this close by really does something to you. Many people look to nature when they want to relax, but it can be difficult to combine nature experiences with a life in the city. Here, we work in the midst of beautiful natural surroundings, which gives an inner peace that’s transmitted right into the kitchen, says Bjørn Olsen.

However, when you run a relatively new restaurant it is not ‘coffee-on-the-patio time’ all day long. When the tent, the patio, and the restaurant are brimming with guests, it is time to perform and to deliver the goods.

- Although it’s hectic sometimes, it’s important to us to have a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in respect of our guests. Many people like to chat to me or my wife, with whom I co-run the restaurant, and we like to make time for that, says Bjørn Olsen.

In the kitchen, everything is made from scratch and preferably from fresh and local ingredients. Bjørn Olsen likes to give his dishes a personal touch, and the fish soup, for instance, may differ from week to week.

- If people come in asking for something to be served quickly, we explain to them that we’re not the kind of establishment that does things by half or settles for the quickest solution. This kind of food is available in countless other places. We strive to give people a decent culinary experience and to make time for the good life, says Bjørn Olsen.

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Each spring, local Vikings meet at Kysing Beach for Smedens Vikingemarked (The Blacksmith's Viking Market).
Bjørn Olsen of Restaurant Himmel og Hav is one of the initiators, and the aim is to create a space where Viking enthusiasts can meet and exchange experiences whilst demonstrating Viking craftsmanship, notably forging and iron production, to a larger audience.

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