In our founding principles it says:

The purpose of the network is to ensure visibility and market locally produced produce and locally processed produce, and to develop quality awareness and sustainability in the production and processing.

The buttercup

We do not have the same opening hours, and we are spread out in the entire area from Aarhus to Horsens – but we have one thing in common: we all love good quality produce.

With a bright yellow colour, the little flowers that we call buttercups, light up the countryside. In much the same manner, it is possible to find little surprises along the winding roads in the shape of high quality experiences in the farm shops and restaurants in the local area that all have respect for local produce. 

The buttercup network enables the creation of memories in the eldorado that we call Odder.

History of the buttercup

The Buttercup network arose in 2007 as a reaction to a post by the editor of Odder Avis. Many of the farm shops and producers already present in the local area recognized the shared dream: that Odder was to be known for quality, experiences and good taste. 

Several local restaurants were eager users of the local produce from the members of the Buttercup network, and the interest in the network was ever-growing and soon reached beyond the original producers. 

In the first months of 2012, the Buttercup network was therefore made an official association with a set of founding principles. They are now ready to show the rest of the world what the locals already know: the Odder has good taste!