Gylling church

Review of churches

At first the whitewashed churches all look a like, however if you take a closer look you will discover that each church has its own little secrets and characteristic.

Churches and stories

Alrø church
Historical style of building in the landscape.

Each of the old churches has its own characteritic and there are plenty of opportunities to study the many forms of Romanesque church architecture together with mediaeval church art. 

Alrø church

The only item remaining from the original church fittings is the font in Alrø Kirke. This is, however, unmatched anywhere else in Denmark. It features four carved beasts in a crouching position, their feet turned outwards and their arms spread wide, crossing those of the adjacent figure. 

Ørting church

Ørting churchs crucifix belongs to the group of so-called "golden" altars and crucifixes (Odder, Lisbjerg og Åby). It dates from c. 1230 and is one of the oldest in the group. The crucifix is an excellent example of the French-inspired early Gothic Art in Denmark. This national treasure in now kept at the National Museum of Denmark, while a copy of the crucifix, made in 1994, is now on display as part of the altar decoration.