Experience nature

Odder Municipality contains some of Denmarks best agricultural land in the relatively flat landscape in the eastern part of the Municipality.
Towards the South and West the landscape is significantly more hilly and here the woods are filling more of the landscape.

All in all the Odder area virtually contains all Danish landscapetypes, so it is not entirely wrong, when we call Odder a miniature Denmark.

Økologiens Have

Garden of Ecology

The garden is the largest organic garden open to the public in Scandinavia. 14 differently themed gardens with wine, herbs and a small forrested garden with a lake. The children will enjoy the large playground with sandboxes, houses and of course the friendly animals as goats, donkeys, sheep and chickens - all just waiting to be petted. 


Guided tours

Tunø is ideal for hiking. Get the most out of your visit by a guided tour with Hanne Thaysen, which includes ferry ride, lunch and a thorough knowlegde of Tunø.

Bicycle holiday

Bicycle holiday by the OdderCoast

Odder and the beautiful nature in and around Odder is best experienced by bicycle.

Denmark is a well-renowned bicycle country and this certainly fits the OdderCoast. 

Odder Golfbane

Golf courses near Odder

Play a round og golf, miniature golf and crolf

Playtime in the woods

In the open air

Wake up to the sound of the soft waves and go to sleep surrounded by the sweet scent of pinewoods and a gentle breeze at your feet. Take the tent on the back of your bike and spend the night in one of the picturesque and cosy nature camp sites. 

saksild beach

The Odder locale

The Odder region is in many ways a minature Denmark. 

Long, childrenfriendly beaches - cosy harbours - green hills - wavy cornfields - windmills and blue inlets. 

And in the middle of it all the cosy shopping town of Odder.