Tunø church

Tunø church

The church lies in the middle of the village on one of the higest points of the island. Because of this, the church tower has been turned into a lighthouse. In the old days, Tunø had it's own vicar, and for many years the vicar also worked as the lighthouse keeper. A well known joke in those days was: On Tunø the vicar sleeps with the lighthouse keepers wife.

Hanne Thaysen - Tunøguide

Hanne Thaysen - Tunøguide
The dream of becoming a housewife became boring

Like so many others, Hanne Tromborg Thaysen did not feel that the combination of family and career really worked. A managerial position, the drive to and from work, and a growing family were somehow not compatible and something had to be done. Despite this, her initial reaction was a resounding "Not on your life!" when her husband suggested that Tunø might be the solution.

Although Hanne was born and raised in Nølev, with a view to Tunø, her only experience of the Kattegat island had been a fourth-year school trip. 
Still, the idea of becoming an islander took form and in 1992, the whole family moved from Funen to Tunø. And no-one has regretted it for one minute.

And now? 

For many years, Hanne and her husband ran the grocer's shop – not a cushy job by any means. So, the couple decided to quit after having built up a very efficient store and now they intended to try out the quiet life which was the original idea behind their move: the housewife scenario had to be tried out. Hanne was going to bake, pickle, keep a vegetable garden, and really care for her family. There was one problem, however: it became dreadfully boring after a while. Her creative urge had to be applied to weightier things than carrots.

From her time at the grocer's store, Hanne knew that there was a real need for tourist information. Visitors to the island wanted to know more. Now, one thing Hanne is good at is talking, and her enthusiasm for the small, car-free island grew steadily year by year.

Since discarding her apron, Hanne has conducted 20-25 guided tours around the island, annually. In addition to this, there are numerous group visits and events for businesses, families, and schools. Each tour is planned in line with the wishes and needs of the visitors, and although the programme does contain set items, Hanne prides herself that no two tours are alike.

The visitors want details: all the interesting gossipy stories that are not printed in tourist literature, the spontaneous things happening along the way.

All of it seasoned with Hanne's genuine enthusiasm for the island – and it is catching.

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Phone +45 86 55 31 41


On tour with Hanne

Hanne conducts her guided tours from April to October. From 8. July - 4. August, there are tours every Tuesday and Thursday, but it is possible to arrange special tours on other days. 

The best of Tunø?

Hanne has certainly found her vocation as an islander.

The explanation is simple: "Climb the highest point on the island. Ahead of you are Aarhus Harbour, Mols Bjerge (the hilly landscape of Mols), and Endelave (island). You are surrounded by forests, beaches, water, and fens. Standing there, quite still, you are suddenly intoxicated by the feeling that the whole world is there, right in front of you."

Who can resist that? 

As one of the tour members said:

"Hanne is like a Duracell rabbit that just goes on and on. Regardless of the kind of questions she gets, or which direction the tour might take, she continues firing on all cylinders."