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Join the nature counsellor to spot sea eagles at Alrø. Enjoy the changing exhibitions of great artists with one or another form of roots at the OdderCoast. Take a guided citywalk and learn more on the development of Odder as a town. Have a look at the schnaps-distillery found in the ruins of Bjørnkær, the oldest in the nordic countries. You´ll find it all at Odder Museum

Jon Bahl - Art will outlive us all

Jon Bahl in Kunstværket
Jon Bahl is a major consumer of art

- A great footballer is forgotten once his career is over. This is not the case with a great artist. Art lives on through the ages and it plays a part in narrating our story and giving our local area its identity. Just think how we still tend to associate Hans Christian Andersen with Odense and Asger Jorn with Silkeborg. That’s why we need art. 

So says Jon Bahl, who has been an enthusiastic art collector and consumer of art for most of his life. He is chairman of Odder Kunstsamling (Odder Art Collection) and, consequently, he is also active in KunstVærket (the ArtWorks), a venue staging successive exhibitions in the old engineering workshop at the former Odder Hospital, now VitaPark.

- I and many others like me travel far and wide to enjoy fine art. Museums and exhibitions are major factors when it comes to attracting attention to a town or a specific area. We don’t travel all the way to Tønder, for example, to see a new factory building or a new tenement block; we go there to see the museum. Likewise, we’re fortunate in Odder to have art and artists definitely worth the trouble of a long drive, continues Jon Bahl.

One of his favourites is Erik Heide’s sculpture Fuglefængeren (The Fowler) located in the gardens near Odder Town Hall. In 1969, the artist was awarded the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts gold medal for this work. Jon Bahl is also fond of the three gable-end decorations found in the intersection of Raupachsgade-Rosensgade, which, individually, are excellent representatives of the era in which they were created.

- It’s great when art becomes an integral part of town life. It would be wonderful to establish permanent collections of some of the big names in town including Mogens Gissel, Ejler Bille, and Jane Muus. I am convinced that this would entice a great number of people to start their cars and head for Odder, concludes Jon Bahl. 

Jon recommends:

Jon Bahl recommends people interested in art and culture to pay a visit to Odder Museum and KunstVærket in VitaPark. At Odder Museum, there is a permanent historical exhibition, but also a number of interesting successive exhibitions. KunstVærket offers an opportunity to see several different exhibitions with, primarily, local artists.


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