Norsminde All Sails Set

Norsminde All Sails Set

Live music, market tone, lots of food and activities by the water. Always on the first Saturday in June.


A little town with a long history.

As far back as around 6.600 BC you can find traces of inhabitants in Norsminde. 

The area is incredible suitable for hiking. Take for example a hike from Norsminde harbour out and about the foreland and back again through the holiday cottage area which is possible in about one hour. Another hiking trip is from the harbour and a long the South side of the Norsminde inlet, past the old pumping station and "The abondoned", and back again. This hiking trip is approximately three hours.   

Today Norsminde is a popular recreational area for people from Aarhus and Odder. In the Summer there is a buzz of life with crabfishing children, people kayaking through the lock, art lovers dropping in at Galleri Under Kroen and the hunt for that special little something for the holiday cottage, your home or a jewlery for yourself at Inn Smykker.  

Fishing in the inlet

It is tempting to throw the line in the water, however Norsminde inlet itself is a conservation area in the bottom of the inlet and in the area by the foreland and therefore fishing is prohibited. Large parts of the inner inlet and the area a long the harbour is however a popular fishing spot - just remember your fishing licence.

Norsminde Kro

Norsminde Kros history dates all the way back to 1693.

Today Norsminde Kro with the charismatic chef and owner, Søren Pedersern, is one of Denmarks gastronomical thrones.

The raw material to the Brasseriet and Slow Food restauranten is often local. The meat is from Solbjerg, the fish is from the inlet, the berries from the inn's own fields etc. and the inn is also a part of the Buttercup network which covers the producers and eating places in the local area.

The inn is also a popular accommodation with both nice suites and affordable B&B-rooms