Montra Odder Park Hotel

Stay centrally in Odder

Visit Montra Odder Park Hotel if you want if you want to stay centrally, comfortable and in professional frames. 


When visiting Odder you will soon discover, that you have arrived in one of EastJutlands best commercial towns. A wealth of special stores and supermarkets offers a great range of goods and an extensive service. Opposite our big neighbouring citys we offer 1000 free parking spaces spread out in all of the town.  

The marketplace is the town centre. From here you can stroll in all directions and find a charming town surroundings with a mix of new and old buildings, green areas with many exicting sculptures, a babbling stream and a wide variety of footpaths to the woods and nature, which encircles the town.  


The town has a wealth of activities all year around. Especially the first Saturday in August when EastJutlands greatest market ends Odder civic festival.

200 stalls with all that the heart could desire and wealth of people, live music, tempting food shops and the rule of thumb: it is always good weather when there is the market. On with the suntan lotion, pick up your wallet and make a good bargain on a cozy day.   

Childrens guide to Odder

Visit Odder Museumwhere there in the holiday season are funny activities such as climbing in the old mill, toysworkshop, treasure hunt and much more.

Visit the library and find all your favorit comics. Odder Bibliotek is often host for activities for children. 

Grab a cozy day in the cinema and enjoy the newest movies and popcorn.

Pat the goats, smell the flowers and be inspired as to how we all shall take care of the earth in Økologiens Have.

Exercise tips for your holiday

Get your daily exercise and have fun while doing it. 

Spektrum Odder Svømmehal (Swimming bath)

Kuglen & Keglen (Bowling)