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Ole Sørensen - The nature of Odder

Ole Sørensen nature interpreter
The natural landscapes surrounding Odder are superior

For the nature interpreter Ole Sørensen, spending time in nature provides a wealth of impressions to engage the senses

- The other day I visited the isle of Alrø with my bird-watching binoculars. All of a sudden, three white-tailed eagles in flight came into view. There were two adults and a youngster, and the youngster was obviously teasing its parents. This was aerial acrobatics out of the ordinary. Following such an experience, I return home happy.

The incident was witnessed by Ole Sørensen. He is a nature interpreter working for Odder Museum, which is affiliated to Moesgaard Museum. As often as possible, he spends time in nature, either alone or with groups of people who have signed up for one of the numerous events arranged by the museum. The events on offer include kayaking, nature walks, and bird-watching trips. The excursions combine the enjoyment of nature with information about local cultural history.

- To me, the many impressions that will engage my senses are crucial. I could easily watch spectacular footage of nature and culture on TV, but then I wouldn’t get the smell of the sea, the biting wind, or the unexpected happenings, and that’s what really matters to me, says Ole Sørensen.

For more than 10 years, Ole Sørensen has been a nature interpreter, so he knows almost every remote corner of Odder Municipality.

- We have everything here and it’s all within easy reach: a coast boasting excellent beaches and charming harbour environments, flatlands and highlands and, not forgetting, the forests and our own islands Tunø and Alrø. I really think that Odder Municipality has some superior natural surroundings to offer.

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Ole recommends

According to Ole Sørensen, Horsens Fjord provides excellent opportunities for spectacular experiences in nature. White-tailed eagles breed on the isle of Vorsø, and if you join one of the trips to the island arranged by the museum, there is a good chance of spotting these magnificent birds. During winter, the eagles are often visible from the southern coast of Alrø.

- The eagles often rest on some of the small islets in the shallow waters and they can be difficult to spot. When you see geese and ducks take off, it’s usually a sign that there are eagles in the neighbourhood, and you can then follow them in flight with an ordinary pair of binoculars, says Ole Sørensen.

In the summer of 2013, Ole Sørensen conducted four guided bird-watching trips, and the participants managed to spot eagles every time.

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