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A small town with a great history - As far back as 6.600 BC there is traces of inhabitants in Norsminde.

Søren Pedersen - Innkeeper and a gourmet

Søren Pedersen - Norsminde Kro
Just satisfied or satisfied and enriched?

When, in 2003, Søren Pedersen purchased the old inn at Norsminde, he had never previously set foot in the small maritime village by the inlet. Born and raised in Hirtshals he began working at the fish factory after finishing school. Later, he went to Copenhagen to train as a chef. You get the impression that Søren used to be a bit of a yobbo back in Hirtshals in the north of Jutland. He speaks warmly about the women at the fish factory and how they taught him the importance of being nimble-fingered, keeping your cool, and being efficient. At the culinary school, he received praise from a teacher for the first time ever, despite having chosen this career for the simple reason that "there were lots of good food and wine, you're always on the go, and you can have a lark!"

Now he is presiding at Norsminde, finally, as an owner after having successfully leased a number of restaurants. The inn enjoys excellent reviews both in respect of the brasserie and the gourmet restaurant housed in the spacious wine cellar. In 2012, Norsminde Kro was voted the best 'Stay & Dine' of the year in Denmark. It is not hard to see why when enjoying the view to the pleasant harbour, the lock at the entrance to the inlet, and the quiet life unfolding at the quayside.

Søren is, and rightly so, happy in his role as innkeeper. Due to osteoarthritis affecting his hands, he has now stopped working in the kitchen and, instead, spends his working days incorporating the ancient history of the inn into the innovative designs which a modern restaurant needs to make use of. It is not an 8-16 job, by far, but it suits the entrepreneurial Søren well. How lucky you are when you can make a living from your hobby!

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Norsminde Kro

Gl. Krovej 2
8300 Odder
Tlf: 86 93 24 44


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Søren recommends:

If you have some time to spare for a family drive, Søren would always recommend the most beautiful part of the Odder coast.

He says of the the drive from Norsminde to Sondrup Bakker (hills), "the coast, the changing landscape, the flowering yellow rape seed fields, the Danish flag flying, and the sun from a clear, blue sky. Our part of Denmark is really like a postcard," he says.