Svend Donby - The simple life at sea

Svend Donby at sea
The simple life at sea

Svend Donby plays a very active part in the yachting environment at Norsminde Harbour

- Life becomes simple when you only have eight or nine square metres to play with. There’s not so much to worry about and it gives a great sense of freedom to be at sea.

Svend Donby has been sailing for 23 years. His yacht is berthed at Norsminde Harbour, which has a large marina. In addition to being and active yachtsman, he is also a Board member of Fonden Norsminde Lystbådehavn (the Norsminde Marina Foundation).

- I enjoy sailing, but also the general atmosphere in the harbour. In spring, we’re like impatient circus horses waiting to get our yachts in the water. We’re chatting about our experiences at sea and the destination of our next cruise. There’s also a great sense of helpfulness among yachtsmen. What one doesn’t know, the next one will, says Svend Donby.

Norsminde Harbour has an interesting atmosphere with the marina, the dinghy park, Norsminde Kro (Inn), and several small shops. The dam spanning Norsminde Fjord is often bustling with anglers and people with homemade equipment for crab fishing.

10 kilometres south of Norsminde Harbour there is yet another yachting centre, namely Hou Harbour.

- When arriving at a new harbour, it’s like arriving at a campsite. You quickly get chatting, because you share the same interest and you usually meet some interesting people. That’s also an essential part of my passion for the yachting life, says Svend Donby.

Svend recommends

Svend Donby has sailed in many parts of the world including the west coast of Canada, and the east coasts of Australia and Sweden, respectively. He is quick to emphasise, though, that there are also unique experiences awaiting you if you are based at either Norsminde or Hou Harbours.

- Tunø, Samsø, and Begtrup Vig near Djursland are just some of the locations within reasonably easy reach. There are some outstanding coastal areas that will make the cruise anything but boring, concludes Svend Donby.

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