Tunø Harbour


Tunø lies less than one hours sailing from Hou. The weather on Tunø is, on average, better than other places in the country due to the geographical position of the island. Thus you can find mulberry and fig trees growing here.

The car-free island, Tunø, is a small nature paradise with a fantastic history and an atmosphere which you sense as soon as the ferry puts in.

First, there is a lively buzz when the ferry berths. Shortly afterwards, everything is peace and quiet. The island has a very special island atmosphere which helps you slow down completely and calls for presence and quality time. Tractors of all kinds and bicycles with imaginative wagons are Tunø’s only means of transport.

Tunø town is a few steps away from the harbour with the cosy village pond and the closely-packed houses. Tunø has its own grocery store, school, museum, gallery, several shops and restaurants as Mejeriet Tunø and Tunø Røgeri.

Take a guided tour in nature

You can get close to island life and the good stories by taking a guided full-day tour with the Tunø guide, Hanne Thaysen. She will show you around the island’s varied nature on tractor and on foot.

Finally, do not miss the view from Tunø Kirke’s unique church tower which, as the only one in Denmark, is also a lighthouse. You can enjoy the same beautiful views from the bird tower on the ”Mountain”.

Explore Tunø

Tunø has only one village with farms and well kept houses built in the traditional style along the only street. In the center of the village there are several relics from ancient times, and the old smithy is today a working museum. The church lies in the middle of the village on one of the higest points of the island. Because of this, the church tower has been turned into a lighthouse. In the old days, Tunø had it's own vicar, and for many years the vicar also worked as the lighthouse keeper. A well known joke in those days was: On Tunø the vicar sleeps with the lighthouse keepers wife.

Experience Tunø on foot

A narrow path, following the coast, takes you around the island. It's a three hour walk. On the walk, you have a good chance of finding different fossils, especially below the steep cliffs.

Bird watching 

On Tunø, you will find varied bird life.

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Stay for a couple of days

Tempting Tunø with its own special island feeling. 

Book a holiday home far from the beaten track.

Wake up to the sound of lapping waves on Tunø Teltplads, where you can sleep right down with the water's edge. Book a cabin (in dänish)

Naturally you can also visit Tunø on your own by sea and cast anchor in Tunø Lystbådehavn.

The fire on Tunø

On August 5th, in 1852, a large part of the town was destroyed by a fire. Besides the vicarage 16 farms and 15 houses was consumed by the fire. At the reconstruction the opportunity was seized to move out several farms for the town and today the farms are spread all over the island. In the centre of the town a memorial stone is raised as a memorial to the great fire.