Aerial photo taken at Saksild Strand Camping
Terrasse med liggestole ved sommerhus ved Odderkysten
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Overnight accommodation in Odder works wonders

You will likely not be able to do it all while you are here, but then it is good that you have both many and different opportunities to stay overnight in Odder.

Stay (very) close to the coast

It is entirely justified that the Odder Coast is a popular holiday paradise with its varying types of accommodation, such as holiday homes of all sizes and standards and some of Denmark's most beautifully located campsites, cabins, hotels, inns and private B&Bs.


All near the coast. Where do you like to stay?

Woman with dog at HyggeStrand Camping

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Åkjær Manor and the lake in the garden
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Children enjoying a ride in a carriage drawn by donkeys between the flowers in the Ecology Garden
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Family walking on a path on Tunø on a summer’s day
Impressive architecture near Odder
The front of the Centralhotellet i Odder
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Portal at Åkjær near Odder in the winter