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Small in size – big on experiences

Some find the beautiful stretches of coastline, the child-friendly beaches and the enticing islands alluring. Others find that the town, the stories and the cosy shopping opportunities of Odder makes it much more than just OK.

Do not do yourself out of the best experiences in Odder. The hardest part is choosing which to go with, but you would always be welcomed back.

From beach to bear cave: Ten things to do in Odder

Maybe you are here now? Lucky you! Here are tips and recommendations which do not require a lot of planning.

Tunø is life

Tunø’s beautiful and unspoilt nature encourages attention and quality time and, with a treasure map in hand, children and childish people receive a Tunø medal if they walk around the car-free island.

Popular experiences

10 things on Tunø

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Time to spare in Odder?



We have gathered the best travel trips to improve your visit, regardless of who you are and when you visit.

What's on

Identify upcoming events and activities. Stay updated on everything from guided tours and exhibitions to village fêtes, festivals and cinema programmes.

Relax in nature – or raise your pulse

Get into nature and active living. The areas around Odder are scenic breathing spaces with plenty of room for outdoor activities on land and at sea.

Outdoor activities for the adventurous

Would you like to go sailing, fishing, cycling or hiking? Find your way to a plethora of activities in nature.

This is why Odder is the nature-al choice

Vistas, prehistoric monuments and forests which your dog will also enjoy. Get ideas for the best nature experiences.

The bicycle ferry: Ride your bike around Horsens Fjord

Experience grand views of the sea on bicycle or on foot. During the summer season, you can cross the fjord on the bicycle ferry and island hop via Hja...

The true Morten Korch idyll of Alrø

The Danish author Morten Korch lived and worked on Alrø where he often found inspiration for his writing.

Wild rabbits and other island hopping

Follow the trails of the wild rabbits and explore the most beautiful nature on the sunny island of Endelave.

Three quick ones for big and small


Photo: Gert Kjeldal


Photo: Odder Byfest

Arts and crafts

Photo: Karin Mehl Pedersen

A world outside


Skønne badestrande, lokale delikatesser og en hyggelig lystbådehavn. Fra havnebyen er der daglig færgeforbindelse til Tunø og Samsø.


Mageløse spisesteder og gode fiskesteder.


Saksild is one of Denmark’s best beaches. However, the area around Odder also has a lot of other things to offer.


South of Odder, manor houses and other buildings dominates the landscape as do farm shops and the beautiful nature along Horsens Fjord.

Attractions nearby


Danmarks industrimuseum

Aqua Forum




Other highlights

Spend the night here

Guide: Shopping in Odder

Lively eateries for every taste

Food map: Your guide to farm shops