The fjord country – manor houses and exciting farm shops

Photo: Gert Kjeldal

Cosy villages, beautiful scenery and impressive buildings summarise an almost overlooked area south of Odder. In addition to an impressive cultural history, creative souls and entrepreneurs bring the small towns to life with galleries, specialty shops and farm shops.

Great nature experiences along Horsens Fjord

South of Odder - and to the north of one of Denmark's most beautiful fjords - you will experience soft hills, hilly forests with beautiful vistas and a flat coastal landscape. Here is what we call the fjord country with easy access to nature, signposted routes and east access to the fjord.

Breathtaking view at Trustrup

Photo: Karen Heslinga

Sondrup and Uldrup Hills

Photo: Karin Mehl Pedersen

Sondrup Beach

Photo: Karen Heslinga

The manors shaped the area

In the Odder area, you can see many old mansions whose history dates back several hundred years. Especially in the area along Horsens Fjord, there is a large concentration of estates and manor houses whose owners' wealth and need for labour were a major factor in the development of the area. Many legends and exciting stories relate to the previous owners and the often-violent events that took place in the impressive buildings.

Åkjær Manor

Åkjær Manor is one of the largest manors in Jutland located south of Odder between the villages of Hundslund and Ørting.  This manor is the oldest ...


In 1657-1660 Denmark and Sweden were in a bloody war. After the war Denmark had to give up areas that are now southern Sweden. Private estates were gi...

Gyllingnæs manor

The youngest of the manors in the district was established in 1801 by the Englishman John Smith. The estate, which used to hold considerable forest ar...

Uldrupgården - The Uldrup Farm

At the foot of Uldrup Hills near the inlet of Horsens lies Uldrup Farm. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century and the building style is ...

Local produce, specialties and flea market purchases

The cosy villages south of Odder attract creative enthusiasts and entrepreneurs and the farms outside the towns produce and sell produce. The area is full of farm shops, small roadside stalls and specialty shops. Artists have open galleries and you can go in search of antiques and flea market purchases. We will guide you to the small and large gems of the area.

Local shops in the fjord country