Girl playing in the sand at Saksild Beach

Saksild – much more than the best beach on the east coast

Saksild is among the best beaches in Denmark. It waters are shallow, there is no current and no rocks, making it extremely child friendly. We understand that the sandy beach attracts you, but the Saksild area offers much more than just that.

Denmark’s oldest crazy gold course right by the summer house

At the centre of the area's summer houses is a popular activity for children and childish grownups. The local crazy golf course is full of history and buzzing. It is Denmark's oldest. Taking on each other on the old course is a funny and cosy game for the whole family to enjoy.

At the café, the popular local ice-cream or a handful of sweets make for a nice reward (or perhaps a consolation prize) after the family showdown. During the summer, concerts and other events are sometimes arranged so that you can be sure of a lively hustle and bustle.

The entrance to the crazy golf course at Saksild Beach

Stay in a holiday home and miss nothing

Along the beach, a wide areas is covered in coastal holiday homes – a few steps from the white sand, yet in a quiet area sheltered from the beach and characterised by birdsong and the smell of barbecue. Shopping and dining options are only a short walk away and the area is particularly well-suited for nature walks.

There are hundreds of holiday homes for rent at Saksild Beach and the nearby beaches of Rude Beach and Dyngby Beach. We recommend that you check them out.

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Shopping on the doorstep

Eateries, beach shops, ice-cream, bread and specialty shops. Saksild has a bit of everything on offer. And if you still have not found the perfect outfit or the right avocado, Saksild is only 10 kilometres from the commercial town of Odder and 20 kilometres from Aarhus.

Lots of experiences nearby 

Granted - Saksild is not the world's largest town. Although Saksild is beautiful, it is also worth experiencing the beauty of the surrounding area. At Saksild, there is a long stretch of uninterrupted beach which continues all the way to Hou (8 km). Several Blue Flag beaches are worth visiting and, in the town of Hou, soaking up the maritime atmosphere at the marina is a must. Odder's attractions and urban life or the lovely farm shops and restaurants in the countryside are also not far away.

Questions and answers on Saksild

No driving on the beach is strictly prohibited. At the Odder Coast, you can park near all beaches.
There is a large car park at Trekanten - the area where you find the Saksild Beach shops and eateries. The car park is just a stone's throw from the beach.

Saksild Strand Camping is located right on the beach. This also applies to several other campsites along the Odder Coast. At the nearby Rude Beach you can stay in a holiday flat or a room at Rude Hougaard, and a few kilometres from the coast your find Sejersminde B&B.

If you want more luxury, Norsminde Kro is not far away to the north, nor is Odder where you can stay at Montra Odder Parkhotel.

Experiences at Saksild