The sculpture To på Tur/Two on Tour by Ole Grøn

Creativity flourishes in artistic Odder

Many artists and creative souls are attracted by Odder’s rural and natural surroundings.

Great works and beautiful jars

Many artists and creative souls are attracted by Odder’s rural and natural surroundings. Whether they work with canvas, glass, ceramics or other materials, they will gladly show their works to you.

Art in Galleri Eggertart on Tunø

Guide: Do visit these galleries and art exhibitions

At Café Alrø you can experience more than the legendary filled patty shells. The café is decorated with colourful and creative art. The many delightful sculptures, paintings and decorations will surely make you smile and think.

Explore the town while looking for art

How about taking a walk which takes you past the town’s beautiful works of art? Give the Odder art trail a try which takes you past the town’s sculptures, street art and beautiful architecture. 

Troll fountain at bridge in Odder

Art trail in Odder

A work of art for the entire Odder area

Near VitaPark, you find an 18-metre-long sculpture made by the local artist Ole Grøn. Small versions of the sculpture, named To på tur (or Two on Tour), are located in every small town in the area. It creates an artistic synergy that ties together the Odder region.

The sculpture To på Tur/Two on Tour in front of Torrild Church

Buildings as art in themselves

The church interior of Tunø Church


Åkjær Manor and the lake in the garden


The front of the Centralhotellet i Odder


Think creatively about your summer holiday

Has the art awoken your creative side? Creativity is much more than just art. It can be as simple as changing your habits or inventing new fun activities. Therefore, we have gathered a lot of creative ways to pass the time while you are staying in a summer house on the Odder Coast.

Tulips in the grass in front of the door to Tunø Kirke


Family of four hiking on trail at Tunø


Rocking horse and other antiques at Møllebo Antik near Sondrup

Antiques and flea market bargains

Table arrangements in the restaurant of Norsminde Kro