The sculpture To på Tur/Two on Tour in front of Torrild Church

Experience the culture in the heart of Denmark

Despite its size, Odder has a wide range of cultural events. The area has a proud tradition of offering exciting activities for the town's residents and guests.

Cultural experiences worth travelling for

Woman selling carrots at a market at Brandbygegaard near Odder

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Sense the living cultural history in Odder

Odder is home to many beautiful buildings. Impressive manor houses, old village churches and beautiful architecture in the cityscape. It bears witness to an area rich in history.

Åkjær Manor near Odder


The church bell next to Alrø Church with views of Horsens Fjord


The front of the Centralhotellet i Odder

Breathtaking buildings

Cultural Eastern Jutland

Odder is located in a part of Eastern Jutland that excels in culture. Aarhus has previously been voted European Capital of Culture and, in Horsens, you can experience the largest concerts, museums of international class and sport at the highest level.

The sculpture To på Tur/Two on Tour by Ole Grøn

Creativity and art

Family of four hiking on trail at Tunø


Hike at the foot of a slope on Tunø

The coast

The Tunø ferry seen from the air

Island hopping