The church interior of Tunø Church

Churches along the Odder Coast

Romanesque church construction and Medieval art characterise Odder's beautiful churches. Feel the wings of history as you go and see the old buildings. Well, apart from the Tunø one, you can actually manage to see them all in one day. 

Historic architectural traditions adorn the landscape

The church on the island of Alrø, which you can drive to by car, has a very special baptismal font with four creatures squatting and facing each other. Their feet are turned and stretched outwards and crossing those of their neighbours. An exciting sight.

In Orting Church, the golden crucifix is something of a gem. It dates from approx. 1230 AD and is an excellent example of French-inspired early Gothic art in Denmark. You can see a copy in the church as the real crucifix is stored at the National Museum.

If the churches of the Odder area could speak, they would tell many small stories of intrigues, grandeur and downfalls. One story even recounts how the church wardens of Hundslund parish killed their priest in 1284.

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