Impressive architecture near Odder

Photo: Dennis Plougmann

Odder has a number of marked buildings which often reflect the fashion of their times. Designed by renowned architects, the beautiful buildings play their part in the look of Denmark’s largest village. 

Buildings worth seeing

Look up! Many of the buildings in Odder were built at a time when buildings were more detailed and had unique characteristics. Most of these details are outside of your field of vision.

Other historic buildings along the Odder Coast

Odder manor houses are sturdy structures

There are many exciting stories about the Odder manor houses and they are just waiting to be heard. Take an exciting trip back in time.

Churches along the Odder Coast

Romanesque church construction and Medieval art characterise Odder's beautiful churches. Feel the wings of history as you go and see the old buildings. Well, apart from the Tunø one, you can actually manage to see them all in one day.

Ruins and ancient monuments in the countryside

Odder has been the site of many exciting, but also strange, finds from the past. Spread around the countryside, you find remnants of the past that attest to the historical wealth of the area.