What’s on in Odder

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Keep yourself updated on upcoming events along the Odder Coast. If you are to visit us shortly or maybe a little later? You will always find something to do in Odder. Find your way to the best of it, here on this page.

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Inspiration for your next visit

Would you like inspiration for everything from events to markets, port festivals and festivals in Odder, then tag along here.

Odder Town Fair

Every year in August, the town arranges a festival and you are invited. It all starts with a nice parade – then the tents open and offer good food and live music. This is also where you will find the largest huckster market in Eastern Jutland with more than 200 hucksters attending.

Blue Flag events

In the summer, the Odder Coast brimming with fun events at its many ports and Blue Flag beaches. Get the general idea here.

Tunø Festival

Every year, the intimate Tunø Festival invites you to enjoy four days of music, presence and togetherness for adults and children on the tiny Tunø.

Hou Harbour Event

Experience three days of action, cheerful atmosphere, music and harbour fun and games. Here you find experiences for all ages.

Sondrup Marked

Here you find a wide range of stalls at the flea market, a fun fair, a large veteeran vehicle rally with tractors, motorcycles and cars.

Throughout the summer, lots of different events take place in Odder – and the village fêtes and festivals are entirely unique.

This is how to walk your way to beautiful medals

On Tunø and in the town of Odder, there are beautiful medals to be gotten by children and childish people who walk around the island and the town and answer questions along the way. Everyone can participate in the activity which is both fun and - not forgetting – free, all year round and for the entire family.

The popular one: The Tunø medal

Remember to bring a treasure map when you take the Tunø ferry. Once you have completed the 8.3 km walk around the island and have solved the tasks along the route, you can trade your answers for a medal at the old merchant’s house, Tunø Købmandsgaard.

New: The Odder medal

Have you collected all the medals? In Odder, like on Tunø, it is all about taking a lovely, brisk walk and answering questions about the things you see along the way. Pick up your medal at Mr Lønskov.

Nearby and just around the corner

Odder Museum arranges exciting guided tours in the beautiful nature around Odder. At Odder Bibliotek, you can take part in a large number of fun activities for both children and grownups. And the best concerts,  stand-up shows and theatre performances are just a few of the things you can experience at Horsens Ny Teater.