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Two boys greeting a goat in the Ecology Garden in Odder

Child-friendly Odder

What must you simply see or do before you die (or go home)? Below, we set out suggestions for the funniest activities and best taste experiences for a family holiday at the Odder Coast.

It’s for children!

Do you need ideas for weekend trips, tips for a cosy day off or inspiration for your family holiday, then take a look at our activities for children here.

Girl laughing in a hammock on the port of Tunø

15 things you can do with children in Odder

Three quick ones

Where can I bathe?

The fountain at the square in Odder is just one of many places where you can splash around water. There are actually lots of places to bathe here. Even when the weather is not beach weather.

Homemade ice-cream at Folkebistroen
Where can I enjoy an ice-cream?

Start your search here. Try Odder’s very own ice-cream at Folkebistroen – made from organic produce and the berries in season – or one of the other places that has ice-cream on the menus.

The entrance to the crazy golf course at Saksild Beach
Where can I take on my family?

Play crazy golf on Danmarks ældste minigolfbane, if you like competitions and games. You can also have an ice-cream at the kiosk. Or let your family members take on each other in a game of crolf which is a combination of croquet and golf.

Child splashing in a puddle

If it rains