Guide to experiences in the nature around Odder

Photo: Karen Heslinga

Loose yourself in the special ocean views and walk between dunes, swaying trees and wild nature. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is a balm to your soul and recharge the batteries in nature's endless source of energy.

Slow waaaaaaaaay down

Bewitching vistas along the Odder Coast

A few places in Odder, you can experience impressive bird’s views of land, towns, fjord and sea. Here is our guide to places along the Odder Coast where you get views that are just Insta-worthy.

Ruins and ancient monuments in the countryside

Odder has been the site of many exciting, but also strange, finds from the past. Spread around the countryside, you find remnants of the past that attest to the historical wealth of the area.

Picnic and carriage rides

A wonderful experience for the whole family. We will travel to the sound of horses' hooves at a pace where the soul can follow. It provides peace and ...

The Ecology Garden (Økologiens Have)

A splendid garden for both adults and children. The garden stretches to 20 acres of countryside and is Scandinavia’s largest public organic garden. Th...

The Fairytale Forest

The Fairytale Forest at Torrild is a unique ”experience park” focusing upon nature, play and social activities in a cultural-historical framework. The...

Guided tours on Tunø

If you have decided to spend a day visting Tunø, a guided tour offers a unique opportunity to get to know the island. Amoung others things, it is poss...

All year round, Odder Museum organises events in the fresh air. Nature guides will take you along the traces of history and, often, the educational walk is combined with physical activity.

If you wish to be active in nature

70 kilometres of coastline paves the way for outdoor activities on land and at sea. Cast out your line or make your way onto the local signposted routes and technical trails.

Outdoor-experiences at Odder

Photo: Claus Buur

Natural sounds in a beautiful quiet zone

You can easily find a beautiful quiet zone in Odder where the birdsong and maybe the gentle noise of the sea are the only noises heard. 

Sondrup Hills

The scenically beautiful and varied landscape on the north side of Horsens Fjord was created by the force of water and ice during the last glacial period. The elongated ridge that starts at the hill Haldrup Bavnehøj and runs south of the village of Søvind to Sondrup and Uldrup Hills is a l...


Gyllingnæs is situated approx. 10 km south from Odder. The estate is at 616 hectare, of this 163 hectare wood. The estate is since 1995 owned by Troels Holch Povlsen and he has restored the estate totally. The estate itself is closed top the public. The outer regions of the headland are ...

Nature and animal life at Tunø

In 1965 just over 90% of Tunøs 348 hectares was protected with the exception of cottage areas, Kirkeskoven and Tunø City. The island was protected, because this is a very beautiful and distinctive nature, and we wanted to preserve agriculture and forestry, and to provide access to the publ...

Beaches at the Odder Coast

Photo: Hou Strandcamping

Guide the the coast

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Spending the night outdoors

Check out the nature camp sites at Odder

Photo: N.F.J Naturistcamping