Guides to big and small experiences

Photo: Dennis Plougmann

Get inspiration and tips for the best places to visit - with your kids, best friends or your better half.

Now we are in Odder – what should we do? 

Our guides to experiences send you on fantastic adventures on the Odder Coast. 

Where would you like to go?

Would you like to go shopping in town, laze on the beach, enjoy a tasty meal, visit the beautiful islands or perhaps indulge yourself with products from the farm shops? Either way, Odder is for you. 

When the rain drums on the roof ...

Unfortunately, no-one masters the weather. However, do not do yourself out of good day, even if the heavens open. (Psst! The selected venues are definitely also worth a visit on a sunny day!) 

Did you spend too much money yesterday?

Do not despair! You can easily find experiences that do not cost a single penny. 

Is the whole family going on holiday?

15 things you can do with children in Odder

Odder is perfect for young families. The area is brimming with fun, exciting and cosy activities and experiences for children. Just have a look here.

Ten exciting – and alternative – experiences on Tunø

The car-free island of Tunø is a small natural paradise with an amazing history and atmosphere which you will feel as soon as the ferry puts into the ...

Take your dog to the beach

The Oder coast is blessed with many beautiful beaches. On a hot summer's day, there is nothing better than cooling down in the sea. And, of course, ma...

You can bring your dog on holiday here

Being on holiday with your family is great. But it is even better when four-legged family  members can also partake. Most Odder overnight accommodatio...

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