Mother with young daughter at Saksild Beach

Fun things to do in the summertime around Odder

Summer is finally here, and we have been waiting for it! The swimwear has been found and you are heading for the beach. The Oder Coast is a good place for a wonderful holiday because of its child-friendly beaches and fun activities at sea and on land. Here are some of them. 

Go to the beach (of course)

If the summer weather holds, Odder's beaches are some of Denmark's best. Unlike the North Sea where it is windy and the sea runs high, the beaches of the Odder Coast are usually sheltered and shallow. Pack a picnic, drink and toys and then the family is ready to have fun and laze at the water's edge. 

Visitors and lifeguards on Saksild Beach

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Father sitting in a deck chair at Saksild Beach, while a girl is playing

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Enjoy the atmosphere of the cosy ports

The two cosy ports of Norsminde and Hou ooze atmosphere. 

At the inlet to Norsminde Fjord, you find the port which is home to two delicious eateries located right by the water. Both Norsminde Kro and Fiskehuset offer delicious culinary experiences that can be topped off with an ice-cream and a walk by the water.

Hou oozes of maritime idyll. Near the large marina, there are several experiences and places to eat. From here, you can catch the ferry to Tunø and Samsø.

Go on adventures in the Eastern Jutland archipelago

On the Odder Coast, you find several islands like pearls on a string - each with their own unique atmosphere and identity. If you want to get and up close and personal taste of island living, there is ample opportunity for this near Odder.

The cosy, car-free island of Tunø is especially a must. Try walking around the island with a treasure map. If you walk all the way around the island, you get a beautiful medal.

In Horsens Fjord, you find the island of Alrø which can be reached both by car and via the small bicycle ferry between Snaptun, and the islands Hjarnø and Alrø. The island is known for its charming Morten Korch idyll. The well-known Danish author has both lived and worked on the island.

Many ferries traverse the waters of the area, so it is possible to do different combinations of island hopping.

Hike at the foot of a slope on Tunø


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The water slide in Aqua Forum in Horsens


Children looking out to sea with open arms on Tunø

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