Welcome to the Eastern Jutland archipelago

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There is something special about the Danish islands and their unique atmosphere and culture. Everything happens at a different pace. We, therefore, recommend that you visit them one by one. Take the ferries or your own boat.

Tunø – car-free and child-friendly

The small idyllic island of Tunø in the Kattegat is a real gem. Feel the atmosphere of the port and the charming town. Visit the combined church and lighthouse and take the beautiful, 8-kilometer-walk around the island. Children and childish grownup receive a free medal for doing that.

Guide to Tunø

Here, you will find everything worth knowing about the island of Tunø. Great tips for activities and experiences in town and nature as well as the best places to eat and spend the night.

The Tunø Treasure Hunt

Tunø, the island without cars, is a natural haven that everyone should experience. For this reason, the people of Tunø have teamed up with VisitOdder to create a fun activity for the whole family. Tunø is located about an hour of sailing away from Hou, south of Aarhus, and on the Tunø f...

Morten Korch atmosphere on Alrø

Alrø, in Horsens Fjord, is connected to the mainland by a dam. Take the bike to Alrø and sail across the fjord with the small bicycle ferry. Here, you find delicious eateries – e.g. try the famous giant filled patty shells of Café Alrø.

Guide to Alrø

The island of Alrø in Horsens fiord can be reached by car over a 1 km long dam which was constructed in 1929. The island is 7 km long and 5 km wide.

Café Alrø

Every year lots of people go to the island of Alrø to taste the famous giant patty shells. The patty shells are actually so famous, that they are even more popular then the wonderful island where you find the cafe. The shells are popular with good reason. Here, delicious food is combined w...

Møllegården on Alrø

A break away in a wonderful location. The vaulted ceiling, the pens and the troughs bear witness to quite a different past when the restaurant in Møllegården on Alrø opens its doors to visitors. The rural style has been preserved to a considerable degree; and this piece of rather sensat...

Endelave – The Kattegat rabbit island

One of Denmark's finest islands is the home to thousands of wild rabbits. See if you can spot them in the beautiful scenery.


Photo: Peter Marczak

Hjarnø – small and intimate

Small and charming Hjarnø is located close to the coast of Horsens Fjord. From here, you can take the bicycle ferry to Alrø and kill two birds with one stone.


Photo: VisitOdder

Samsø – the largest

Samsø is the area's largest island. Like the neighbouring island of Tunø, Samsø is known for its stalls with fresh vegetables and locally produced high-quality produce.


Photo: VisitSamsø

Taking the ferry

The islands in this area each have their own ferry that takes residents and guests back and forth between the mainland and the islands. The crossing is cosy and unpretentious. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the view from the deck. Maybe you are lucky enough to spot seals or porpoises.

The Tunø Ferry - Hou-Tunø

Tunø is one of Denmark’s most charming islands. You can visit the car-free island in the Kattegat by the Tunø ferry. The crossing from Hou only takes an hour and there are two daily departures in each direction.


The ferry between Hou in Jutland and Sælvig on Samsø is chartered by Samsø Rederi. The beautiful crossing takes 1 hour. Samsø is one of Denmark's biggest and most popular holiday islands. The size of the island makes it suitable for bike rides between the cosy villages on the island. Sa...

The Alrø-Hjarnø bicycle ferry

Enjoy the cosy trip with the small bicycle ferry that sails on Horsens Fjord. Experience the charming islands of the fjord with beautiful scenery, an authentic island atmosphere and delicious eateries.