Bewitching vistas along the Odder Coast

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A few places in Odder, you can experience impressive bird’s views of land, towns, fjord and sea. Here is our guide to places along the Odder Coast where you get views that are just Insta-worthy.

Impressive view of Horsens Fjord

The area leading down to Horsens Fjord is the hilliest area around Odder. In the forests at Sondrup/Uldrup Bakker, there are several high points overlooking the fjord. The highest of the Uldrup hills is Blakshøj which is 73 metres high. From here, there are excellent views of the fjord. At the top, you can see the islands in the fjord and the hills at Bjerrelide on the opposite side of the fjord.

A few kilometres to the west, you find the hills Trustrup Udsigtshøje, the highest point of which is 70 metres above sea level. Udkigshøjene are located in a more rural setting with views of rolling hills and the fjord. In the area, there are information boards, hiking trails and benches.

From Sondrup Beach you look straight across to the island of Alrø and, if you look right, you see the small uninhabited island of Vorsø. From the southern tip of Alrø, where the bicycle ferry puts in, you get a good view of one of Denmark's most beautiful fjords. Here, there is also ample opportunity to spot porpoises in the water.

Trustrup Hills

Just south from the village of Trustrup lies "Udsigtshøjene" - the hills with a view. Signposts point the way to a small parking area. On a clear day you can from this height get a lovely view of the whole of Horsens Fjord. The highest point is 70 meters above sea level, and from this po...

Sondrup Hills

The scenically beautiful and varied landscape on the north side of Horsens Fjord was created by the force of water and ice during the last glacial period. The elongated ridge that starts at the hill Haldrup Bavnehøj and runs south of the village of Søvind to Sondrup and Uldrup Hills is a l...

The colourful and rich nature of Alrø

On the island of Alrø, there is a plethora of water activities for anglers and kite-surfers, unspoilt nature, histories from the Stone Age, cosy farm shops and, not least, some of Denmark’s most desirable filled patty shells.

The views from Tunø are always beautiful

At Tunø you can enjoy sea views almost anywhere on the island. And from its high banks on the coast, you can see quite far. From the eastern tip of the island (Tunø's own version of Grenen – the northernmost tip of Denmark) you can see Samsø. From the west end of the island, which is known as the Stone Calf, you can see all the way to the mainland. From here, you can also see the world's oldest offshore wind farm which was built off the coast of Tunø in 1995.

However, you get the best views from the top of the island's combined church and lighthouse. The unique tower provides magnificent views of the charming car-free island.

Theme on Tunø

Photo: Dennis Plougmann

Enjoy the blue eye-catcher from the beaches of the Odder Coast

While lying on the beach looking out over the blue Kattegat, you will probably be able to see Tunø and Samsø on the horizon. At Hou, you can look across to the small island of Hou Røn where seals are often sunbathing. And further north, at Kysing, there are slopes from which you get a beautiful view of the sea.

Beaches at the Odder Coast

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Take the stairs to the top of Odder

Near the Odder shopping centre you find Nygade, where a steep staircase leads up and above the roofs of the town. At the top of the stairs, there is a memorial stone and a couple of benches where you can enjoy the view of Odder's cosy town centre.

Let yourself be inspired for experiences in town

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