The Odder Coast has calm waters

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It's summer. The temperature is rising. Finally a day off! The beach awaits you - what are you waiting for?

Explore the east coast of Denmark

Can you feel it? The clear water calls for you! So, hurry up and pack your and your children’s suitcases with swimsuits and sunscreen  because the Odder Coast with its spectacular experiences awaits you.

Visit the most child-friendly beaches of the east coast

The Odder Coast boasts many excellent beaches where the youngest family members will love to go nuts at the water’s edge. This is one long stretch of coastline with all of five Blue Flag beaches. One of these is Saksild Beach which is amongst the best and most child-friendly beaches in Denmark.

The Odder Coast beaches

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The five most child-friendly beaches

The Odder beaches are perfect for families with children. The calm water and the softest sand make the Odder Coast ideal for a beach holiday. At the same time, the area's Blue Flag beaches ensure high quality, safety and service. What are you waiting for? Come and build sandcastles with us

Take your dog to the beach

The Oder coast is blessed with many beautiful beaches. On a hot summer's day, there is nothing better than cooling down in the sea. And, of course, man's best friend should enjoy that, too. Here, you can learn to which beach you can take your dog.

Saksild – much more than the best beach on the east coast

Saksild is among the best beaches in Denmark. It waters are shallow, there is no current and no rocks, making it extremely child friendly. We understand that the sandy beach attracts you, but the Saksild area offers much more than just that.

Skip around our lovely Eastern Jutland archipelago

Do not miss island hopping to and between small, unique and atmospheric islands off the coast at Odder and Hou. 


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Photo: Jens Hasse


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Refreshing activities by the blue sea

The beautiful coastline is used for much more than sunbathing. The beach also looks lovely when viewed from a sea kayak or a canoe. You could also cast your line and catch dinner.

Lovely moments sea kayaking along the Odder Coast

Two beautiful fjords and the calm waters make Odder ideal for excursions at sea - canoeing or kayaking. The coast calls you here in the blue Eastern Jutland.

Fishing along the Odder Coast

All of 71 kilometres of coastline provide optimal conditions for coastal fishing on the Odder Coast. Therefore, we can only encourage you to bait the hook and hurry out to the best spots where the chances of a catch are the best.

For the children: Let the youngest family members try their hand at crab fishing at the ports of Norsminde and Tunø. It is a popular activity amongst children. Tie bait to a stick and see if the crabs at the crab jetty will bite.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the lovely ports

Between the beaches, there are busy marinas. Here, you can sink your teeth into a delicious fishcake at the dock or maybe an ice-cream while enjoying the sight of the beautiful sailboats.


Photo: Jens Hasse


Photo: Jens Hasse


Photo: Edith Derdau

Spend the night in one of the 2,500 holiday homes in the area

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