Cycling routes near Odder

Photo: Karen Heslinga

The Odder Coast is perfect for cycling holidays with its many routes traversing the varied landscape, passing through flat coastal landscapes, hilly woodlands and rolling fields. Several routes are signposted and take you past local attractions. Get your bike and stomp the pedals with us.

To-wheeled experiences ahead

The Odder area offers beautiful scenery and cultural experiences best experienced from a bicycle. Kulturringen is a 500-kilometer-long signposted cycling route focusing on this particular combination. The route is divided into more than 20 stages and passes attractions, cultural-historical gems, towns, islands and beautiful scenic areas. Three of these stages traverse Odder.

The Culture Ring - lovely bicycle rides in Eastern Jutland

Photo: Jannik Iversen

Take the bike around Horsens Fjord with the bicycle ferry

Horsens Fjord is one of Denmark's most beautiful fjords. There are beautiful trails in the varied nature along the coast, which are great for cycling. In fact, it is possible to cycle all the way around the fjord using island hopping. First, you cycle to Alrø via a dam. From Alrø, you catch the small cosy bicycle ferry that takes you to Hjarnø from where you catch the Hjarnø ferry to the opposite side of the fjord. This lovely trip around the fjord is 52 kilometres long and it is a good idea to do it over two days with an overnight stay, in either Odder or Horsens. 

Around the inlet - experience Horsens Fjord by bicycle

Horsens Fjord is one of the most beautiful inlets in Denmark, surrounded by spectacular and diverse nature. On a bike trip around the inlet, you will be riding past beaches and fields, and passing through forests, charming villages, islands and of course the town of Horsens with all its po...

The Alrø-Hjarnø bicycle ferry

Enjoy the cosy trip with the small bicycle ferry that sails on Horsens Fjord. Experience the charming islands of the fjord with beautiful scenery, an authentic island atmosphere and delicious eateries.

Cycling routes in the Odder area


Follow the routes via the VisitOdder digital map

Photo: VisitOdder

Bicycle rentals and repairs

Cykelsmeden - bike rental, repairs and service

Cykelsmeden is a small and homely bike rental in Rosensgade – at the end of the pedestrian street towards Odder museum. Come in and have a chat about your needs – we always have fresh coffee in the pot and a tool box  with the most basic tools that you can borrow and use in our yard. ...

Tandhjulet - your bike shop in Odder

Are you looking for a bike shop in Odder? Stop by Tandhjulet, where great personal service is our top priority. In our store, you can find all kinds of bicycles for children and adults, and a large selection of accessories at affordable prices. In charge of Tandhjulet are Søren an...

Bike rental at Saksild Beach

Do you feel like exploring the Odder coast by bike? At Saksild Strand Camping you can rent all kinds of bicycles to suit your every need.  Regular bicycles can be rented for DKK 100,- per day (24 hours). It is also possible to rent mountain bikes, tandem bicycles and racing bikes.  Y...