Sea kayak in the Norsminde Fjord inlet

Lovely moments sea kayaking along the Odder Coast

Two beautiful fjords and the calm waters make Odder ideal for excursions at sea - canoeing or kayaking. The coast calls you here in the blue Eastern Jutland.

Nice kayaking trips along the nicest beaches of the east coast

The beaches of the Odder Coast are known as magnets for sun-seeking holidaymakers and, when lying there on the beach, it is not uncommon to see kayaks whizzing past at sea. The area is home to several rowing and kayaking clubs in both Saksild, Norsminde and Hou - and for good reason.

Man in kayak at the Odder coast

Sail between the islands in Horsens Fjord

One of Denmark's most beautiful fjords is Horsens Fjord. It does not get much nicer than winding around the idyllic islands Alrø, Hjarnø and Vorsø while admiring the boats and the many ferries that traverse the area. We recommend a trip around the fjord and its varied landscape. A particularly good area is the bay of Alrø which is sheltered from the wind and shielded by the dam leading from the mainland to Alrø.

Grab a fishcake

At the popular Norsminde port, you find the inlet to a small fjord where you can paddle in peace. Norsminde Fjord is a wildlife sanctuary which is home to many migratory birds and motorised sailing is prohibited. Therefore, you can kayak completely undisturbed.

Before or after the trip we recommend that you enjoy the maritime atmosphere of the port - possibly topped off with an ice-cream or a meal at Fiskehuset or Norsminde Kro.

Man in kayak in the winter at Norsminde

Heading to Norsminde

Canoeing and kayaking routes

The VisitOdder digital map (Google Maps) offers suggestions for canoeing and kayaking routes. This also includes launching and landing sites. You can also download the routes as a gpx file to your phone here on this page.