Hit the road on your mountain-bike in Odder

Mountain-biking is as popular as never before. An action-packed ride in the beautiful nature of the forest provides an adrenaline rush without equal but is also a relaxing experience for the soul. In the Odder area, you can try several MTB tracks.

The town’s recently constructed MTB tracks

On the northern outskirts of Odder - a short distance from the town centre – your find a small but technically demanding track in the Bisgaard forest. The 2.5-kilometre route winds through the small forest with a challenging terrain.

Mountain-bike rider in a turn of the track in Bisgaard Forest in Odder

MTB trail in Bisgaard Forest

The MTB gems of Easter Jutland

In the forests on the coast between Odder and Aarhus, you find one of Denmark’s most popular routes. 25 kilometres of coastal tracks in the forests from Fløjstrup Forest north of Norsminde and all the way to Aarhus. The route has many sections of different character, so many experiences await with muddy descents and demanding ascents.

South of Horsens, you find lovely Bjerge Skov which is an extremely popular area. Here, you find tracks for both beginners and experienced riders.

The blue beginners’ trail is approx. 7 km long and runs mainly on wide forest paths. The black track is 10 km and for the experienced riders. It consists primarily of single tracks and includes a lot of hills and steep descents.
Tiles 4: Mountainbike rute, See the Marselis forest routes on the map, Mountainbikeruten i Bjerge Skov, See the route at Bjerge Skov on Strava

Is mountain-biking something for you?

Mountain biking can be a challenging sport which can quickly cause injuries if you do not master the technique. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact the local mountain biking club where you can receive safe guidance, have someone ride with you on the first trips and provide valuable sparring about the choice of equipment. In Odder, the local mountain bike club is called OFC Mountain Bike Club. They are ready to welcome you into the community.

There are two bicycle shops in Odder, both with workshops with high levels of personal service. Both Cykelsmeden and Tandhjulet are ready to welcome you inside and provide guidance on everything from bicycle selection to maintenance and safety equipment.

- Show consideration when cycling in the forests- Show consideration for other guests in the forest- Only drive on forest roads and wide paths- Only drive on marked routes- Slow down as you approach other guests in the forest- Be aware of whether you have been seen by others- Avoid riding on horse trails and hiking trails- Ride with care

Rent a mountain-bike from Cykelsmeden in Odder