The car-free island Tunø for the entire family

Photo: Dennis Plougmann

Here, you will find everything worth knowing about the island of Tunø. Great tips for activities and experiences in town and nature as well as the best places to eat and spend the night.


With its beautiful history and wonderful atmosphere, spending time together on magical Tunø is something quite special. The lush nature of the island is, especially, bound to be a sure hit for everyone in the family and shows off Denmark at its best. Explore everything from steep cliffs that rise from the sea, soft sandy beaches and village ponds to conifers, exquisite vegetables and rare birds. Tunø has it all.

Teeny-tiny cruise and big experiences

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Go on a safe island getaway with the Tunø ferry

Just off the Odder Coast is the small island of Tunø, which you can reach on the ferry, Tunøfærgen.

Park the car at the port of Hou before walking on the ferry. A major reason for the island's atmosphere is the fact that it is car-free. Tractors of all kinds, scooters and bicycles are Tunø's only means of transport.

The voyage takes an hour and, along the way, you may be lucky to see spotted seals and porpoises in the waters around Tunø.

Before returning to the mainland, the children can enjoy themselves on the large playground and catch crabs at the port.

Daily departures

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Traxa – getting around the island easily

Book a ride on the bed of a tractor

Go for the treasure and a free Tunø medal

How do you get children to get up early and go for a long walk? You send them on a treasure hunt around Tunø!

Afterwards, the coveted Tunø medal awaits you at the merchant’s house, Tunø Købmandsgård, where you can also buy something to eat or refill your water bottle for the hike. In the summer, you can also fill your picnic basket along the route with nature’s snacks from apple trees and thickets of rosehips and blackberries.

Go for the treasure and a free Tunø medal

Photo: Impuls Film

Tunø Købmandsgård

Photo: Tunø Købmandsgård
Did you know that you can walk around the island (8.3 km) in approx. 2-3 hours?

Tunø Treasure Hunt - The Movie

Photo: Dennis Plougmann

Tunø is a small natural paradise

Ten exciting – and alternative – experiences on Tunø

We have gathered the best experiences on Tunø, and we dare promise you  that there is something for everyone.

Tunø has been nicknamed the Twin Island after the two hilly areas Bjerget and Møllebakken which, in the Stone Age, were separated by a sea-covered strait but, today, it is covered with forest and marsh. The island has been inhabited since the Stone Age and several prehistoric finds have been made from this time.

Galleri Eggertart

New exciting artists every year. In the cosy garden café, you can enjoy, amongst others, the gallery’s hand-brewed beer, delicious iced coffee and cake of the day.

Personal stories from a Tunbo – an island resident

Get close to island life and the good stories with the Tunø guide, Hanne Thaysen, who will show you around the island’s varied nature by tractor and on foot.

Guided full daytrip to Tunø

Photo: Odder Kommune

Did you know...

That, before 1 June, you can pick sea kale and rocambole (similar to spring onion) on Tunø and use them in your cooking? 

The seeds of rocambole can be put in a brine and then used as a topping on a boiled-egg sandwich. 

And there are tonnes of rocambole on Tunø – they are actually almost all over the place.

Here, you can enjoy a (delicious) bite to eat

Especially in the summer, the island is bustling and full of activity. Vegetable stalls offer new potatoes, crisp green asparagus and fresh carrots. Furthermore, the restaurants and the port restaurants stay open late. If you visit in the winter, please note the out-of-season opening hours.

Tunø Dairy

Photo: Dennis Plougmann

Tunø Smokehouse

Photo: Tunø Røgeri
Ole Gyring Nieben and Hanne Bagh: "It was a truly magical summer on Tunø. We loved every part of it and we are looking forward to reuniting with the harbour porpoises, marsh harriers and all the others next year."

Stay a few days and take it all in

If you fall in love with the beautiful island atmosphere, we recommend spending the night at e.g. Mejeriet Tunø, in a holiday home, a tent, a shelter or camping hut.

From dairy to seaside hotel: Sleep in newly refurbished rooms

Mejeriet Tunø has been transformed after its new owners turned the old island dairy into a lavish all-inclusive experience with eight refurbished double rooms, a restaurant and a bar.

Proper Danish “hygge” in a holiday home

Book a summer house on Tunø through Feriepartner Odder-Juelsminde. The houses are located near the port and in the area of Stenkalven on the north side of the island.

Stay in a tent near the port

Directly on the wonderful beach, you find the campsite, Tunø Teltplads, where there are also toilet facilities, shower rooms and a kitchen.

Tunø in small bites