Eat Danish food in Odder

Photo: Folkebistroen

Grandmother’s food will never go out of fashion and, in Odder, you can find fried slices of pork belly, filled patty shells, beef sandwich and many other classical Danish dishes.

From open sandwiches to organic ready meals

For lunch or a snack, the open sandwich is the best-known Danish food. And no one complains when it is well-loaded. Fru Møllers Restaurant serves delicious open sandwiches where the bread used is made from flour produced at Fru Møllers Mølleri. If you would rather have homemade delicacies and oven-ready ready meals "like our mother used to make them ", Hou Mesterslagter is an obvious choice.

The popular tourist attraction, Alrø, has a number of good places to eat. Here, you can sink your teeth into giant filled patty shells at Café Alrø or enjoy your meal in an old pigsty at Møllegården.

Below, you will find even more eateries whose menus include Danish food.


* Please note that this venue is closed for the winter.