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Do you remember the sensation of weightlessness when gliding through the water, the smile on the children’s lips, and the relaxed feeling which spreads all over your body, because sud­denly, you have used all your muscles? On a trip to the waterpark, all your senses wake up. Even though the children love speed and splashing for hours, and you yourself most of all need a good round of relaxing time, then Aqua Forum fulfills all your needs.

Here you can exercise your full body by taking a fast swim in the long Sports Pool. Are you more into things that thrill you? Then try the Diving Pool where you can jump into the water from either the 1-m or 3-m spring­boards or from the 5-m-tall diving tower. Also try the 56-me­ter-long waterslide, the spa, the sauna or the tylarium.

Aqua Forum invites you to hours of play, comfort, exercise and swimming.

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Langmarksvej 53

8700 Horsens


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