Food map of Horsens and Odder

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Let your taste buds guide you through local experiences and hidden treasures. We have an amazing pantry of fresh local ingredients and passionate fireballs orchestrating the production. Try visiting a vineyard, a mill, a dairy or maybe follow the production of beer or smoked sea salt.

Fussingsvej 8

8700 Horsens



From farm to fork – the taste experiences are calling for you. Let our food map guide you to the local food manufacturers and gain an insight into the production of ingredients and delicacies. The map takes you from Horsens and Brædstrup in the west to Odder, Hou, Norsminde and Tunø to the east. The perfect way to combine a bicycle holiday or a road trip with exquisite taste experiences.


Ecology, sustainability and great stories

In the farm shops you will find delicacies such as smoked fish, pork and goat cheese to smoked salt, herbs home-brewed port, gin and vodka.

You can buy freshly ground flour from their own fields at Fru Møllers Mølleri, wine at Brandbygegaard and many other drinks from 1000 vines and 2750 apple trees. Many manufacturers focus on sustainability, and organic products are handmade and homemade.


Get the food map by visiting the manufacturers or see the digital map here.


16 farm shops and food manufacturers

  1. Det Lille Røgeri, Gudenåvej48, 8660 Skanderborg
  2. NorsmindeFiskehus, Gl Krovej 1A, 8300 Odder
  3. Troldgården, Troldkirkevej4, 8732 Hovedgård Vedslet
  4. CleverCoffee– Kafferisteri, Fillerupvej 27, 8300 Odder
  5. VejlskovgaardMælkeri (dairy), Favrgaardsvej 265, 8300 Odder
  6. The Ecology Garden, Rørthvej132, 8300 Odder
  7. Fru Møllers Mølleri, Bjeragervej35, 8300 Odder
  8. KarensmindeOrchard, Eriksmindevej 38, 8300 Odder
  9. HouMesterslagter, Søndergade 11, Hou, 8300 Odder
  10. Tunø Bryggeri, Tunø Hovedgade 8, 8799 Tunø
  11. Tunø Røgeri, Tunø Hovedgade 1D, 8799 Tunø
  12. TolstrupOrganic Apples, Tolstrupvej 10, 8700 Horsens
  13. ØkoGed og Grønt, Trustrupvej 10, 8350 Hundslund
  14. Brandbygegaard, Alrøvej77, 8300 Odder
  15. Holtgaard, Gyllingnæsvej24, 8300 Odder
  16. Endelave Medicinal Herb Garden, Søndermølle 29, 8789 Endelave

Fussingsvej 8

8700 Horsens

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