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Kulturringen Gylling-Torrild

This route begins in the village of Gylling, south of Odder and follows Horsens Fjord through beautiful nature characterized by salt meadows to the island of Alrø that is known for its delicious eateries – e.g. the nationally famed giant filled patty shells at Café Alrø. From Alrø you can choose to take the bicycle-ferry to Hjarnø where you can meet Kulturringen route 21 and 22. Route four heads north from Alrø towards the village of Torrild through a rural area characterized by nature, fields and small villages.

Kulturringen – Culture by Bike is a new bike route of 540 kilometres that takes you through seven municipalities in eastern Jutland. You can do the whole tour around eastern Jutland or choose one of the more than 20 stages that comprise Kulturringen. Kulturringen has a highly varied course, and offers anything from villages to big towns, from ocean to lakes, and from forest to fields. Along the route you pass several places of experiential and culture-historical relevance that makes Kulturringen a great basis for a holiday with lots of attractions and plenty of fresh air. Museums, churches, castles and burial mounds can be seen from the bike route. The route is equipped with plenty of street signs that lead you in the right direction and towards the biggest experiences.

A book containing maps, descriptions and suggestions for attractions, shops and eateries to visit on your trip around the Danish landscape has been published. The book is available for download at the Kulturringen webpage.