Mountain bike trail in Bjerre Forest

Combines beatiful nature experiences with challenging routes on two wheels. Bjerre Forests hilly terrain is ideal for mountainbike, and hence there has been made a route in the forest. With different routes of varying difficulty, there are challenges for all mountainbikeriders, and several places, the routes are made extra difficult by the hilly terrain.

The Mountainbikeroute.

Start and finish for the route is on the most northern parking at Bjerre Skovvej. See a map of the route here.

The blue route is 7,5 kilometers long and has 225 vertical meters. Everybody on a mountainbike should be able to drive this route, even though the terrain makes it challenging.  Supplementing black and red loops expands the route, so that there all in all is 12,5 kilometers and 400 vertical meters. The black route offer serious challenges and has several dangerous descents, so be careful and tune your speed in according to the terrain!

The route is marked with blue pictograms as well as black and red pictograms on the extra challenging loops. If you drive on one of the black or red loops, you will always come back to the blue basis route.

Rules for biking in the forest

The Mountainbikeroute must be driven clockwise for the sake of other guests in the forest and other mountainbikers.  

In the forest, biking is only allowed on paths and forest roads – offroad biking is strictly prohibited in order to keep the forest and and its relics intact. Furthermore you should avoid biking on non-marked hiking paths.  

Your speed must be adjusted to the conditions with regards to the safety of others and unforeseen challenges in the forest, where the lookout is limited and where the bottom can be loose and slippery. Keeping to the right is also applicable for mountainbiking in the forest. Lower your speed if you want to pass other guests in the forest and be sure that they have noticed you. Remember that it is ok to move around on foot everywhere in the forest, so you can suddenly meet someone where you least expect it.

Walking and biking in the forest is on your own responsibility and at your own risk.

The Facebook page ”Bjerge Skov MTB Spor” is the best place to get updated about the track, daily events and greater MTB events in the forest.

Download map here: