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Holiday rental in Odder and Juelsminde through NOVASOL

At NOVASOL, you can find a large and versatile selection of holiday homes in the area around Odder, just south of Aarhus. The mild east coast of Jutland is perfect for stays in a holiday home all year round. You will find large, peaceful holiday home areas along the entire coastline in immediate vicinity of beaches and the ocean. The Odder area is also close to some of the top Danish attractions and exciting cities like Aarhus, Horsens and Vejle.
When you are on vacation in the Odder area, you can look forward to wonderful nature experiences. Here we have many cycling and hiking routes scattered around the beautiful landscape. For those interested in angling, the Odder area is the perfect destination, as there are several great fishing spots. And children have lots of space for play time in the many nature playgrounds located in the area.

When you have decided to rent a holiday home on the Jutlandic east coast, you will find many different coastal areas and villages to choose from: Ajstrup Strand Saksild Strand, Dyngby or Kysing. Further south you can stay at Juelsminde or Pøt Strandby that also have an impressive supply of holiday homes. Many of the houses are located close to the coast and several welcoming beaches that call for pure relaxation under the sun in the summertime – or maybe long relaxing walks in the fresh winds of autumn. Most of the holiday homes are designed to be used as vacation houses all year round, and renting a holiday home outside the high season is getting popular too. A long weekend or a short getaway during weekdays is possible too when you need a break from everyday life.

Have a look at our wide range of holiday homes in the Odder area as well as the area around Juelsminde.

NOVASOL’s local office

At our very own office in Juelsminde we provide assistance to the holiday homes, welcome our new holiday guests and support the home owners with renting the houses. The employees at the office in Juelsminde have a great local knowledge and are always willing to share their tips and ideas for your vacation in the area. You are always welcome to contact them with questions about the holiday homes or attractions and experiences in the area. If you are interested in renting out your own holiday home, we will gladly assist you

NOVASOL Holiday Homes

At NOVASOL we have rented out holiday homes since 1968 where we started by renting out cabins in Norway. Today we rent out approx 6.000 holiday homes in Denmark. The many holiday homes are located across the entire country and you can find all types of houses. We have many classical Danish summer houses at the coast, large modern holiday homes with great facilities as well as cosy vacation apartments.

At you will get the full overview of all our available holiday homes in Denmark. You can also see our selection in the more than 20 other countries that NOVASOL covers.




Rousthøjs Alle 51

7130 Juelsminde

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