Sondrup Hills

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The scenically beautiful and varied landscape on the north side of Horsens Fjord was created by the force of water and ice during the last glacial period. The elongated ridge that starts at the hill Haldrup Bavnehøj and runs south of the village of Søvind to Sondrup and Uldrup Hills is a lateral moraine that was pushed up by a glacier during the last ice age. All the hills around Søvind share one thing in common - they all share 40 million years old calcareous clay sediments that is geologically referred to as Søvind marl. More than 30.000 truckloads of marl has been dug up in the area since the marl was discovered in the 1920's. 

The eastern part of the area is characterized by Åkjær Valley, a subglacial valley stretching all the way from Horsens Fjord to Norsminde Fjord. Uldrup Hills is partially covered in forest, and its highest point is 74 metres above ground. It is one of the most beautiful hilly areas in Denmark. There is a great view to the islands of Vorsø and Alrø along Horsens Fjord. The inlet is very shallow - especially by Vorsø, Sondrup Beach and Uldrup Hills. Just off Uldrup Hills there are 10 metre tall cliffs.

A big part of the forests in the area are forest reserves. It is primarily covered with beech, but there are also areas with oak and ash.  

Route suggestions for hiking trips in Sondrup/Uldrup Hills: Sondrup Hills Sondrup Hills - Uldrup Hills



8350 Hundslund


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