Vandhalla in Hou is not an ordinary swimming pool. It is Denmark's most accessible swimming center.

There is a 25 meter pool with easy access to the water, a circular hot tub, where the depth can be varied to suit the guests and a 90-meter waterslide - the only waterslide in Denmark accessible for the disabled. An elevator leads to the top of the slide. 

There is a sauna and steam room, and there are tools and toys for both training, activities and water games.

Vandhalla has easy access to slides and pools and lots of equipment to assist the physically disabled. A ramp along the edge of the swimming pool provides access to the pools for wheelchairs. 

Adults DKK 50
Children (o-15 years old) DKK 30
Extra fee: slide DKK 10
Extra fee: Hot tub DKK 10