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-	Man with bicycle looking at his smartphone with the VisitOdder app
VisitOdder app and touch screens

Tourist information on the go

The digital VisitOdder tourist information screen

Find it on your mobile phone now

With the VisitOdder app, you always have important  information to hand. Use it as a reference and inspiration before, during and after your visit to the Odder Coast.

Find inspiration on the local touch screens

Scattered around the Odder area, you will find special digital touch screens - for example on the Tunø ferry and in Kvickly. Here, you can stay abreast of events or find inspiration for your next visit.

VisitOdders Tunø leaflet

Download map and brochures

VisitOdder Travel Guide 2020

Welcome Guide

Light-rail train at the Odder railway station


A red and a blue car parked in a parking lot