Hou Harbour Festival

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Havnegade 2b

8300 Odder



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This small town attracts an incredible crowd and becomes a feast for the senses when the annual Harbour Festival takes place the second weekend of July. The Festival offers a heady mix of crazy harbour antics, sports, live music, parties, funfairs and entertainment.

Throughout the three day festival, you can hear lots of live music and DJ’s as well as taking time to savour the many distinct dining experiences throughout the harbour, but the Harbour Festival more than just music and food. 

The location right by the water's edge is used to the fullest. Saturday morning you can see a festive sight when as much as 100 athletes jump into the water at the dock and swim 380 metres at the tart of the Hou Mini Triathlon. 

The highlight of the festival has to be the legendary HOU DROP that takes place on Saturday afternoon. Contestants fearlessly launch themselves into the harbour basin in home-made vessels, often with hilarious consequences. Many are shipwrecked, some reach the goal and some achieve fame. This event is watched by thousands of spectators who get to vote for the winner of the most beautiful vessel. 

Saturday morning you can get free morning coffee and traditional Danish bread rolls. When the breakfast is over, you can go and observe the impressive Oldsmobile classics or pick up a bargain at the children's flea market. Then go to the harbour where you can find the popular car boot sale market.  

Other fun, games and shenanigans take place on water and on land. Visit www.houhavnefest.dk to see the full program (in Danish).  


Havnegade 2b

8300 Odder

Opening hours

10 Jul 20 / 10 Jul 20


18:00 - 02:00

11 Jul 20 / 11 Jul 20


09:00 - 02:00

12 Jul 20 / 12 Jul 20


11:00 - 15:30

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