Beauty and pampering

Photo: Montra Odder Parkhotel

Pamper both your body and your mind and book a massage or fill the bag with healthy skin products. Remember to pamper yourself. You can do that in Odder.

You can completely relax in Odder

In Odder, you can have a massage to help you slow right down and forget about everyday hassles.

And as every muscle in your body relaxes, you can explore the vast array of beauty products and continue the pampering when you get home.

Odder Pharmacy

Odder Apotek (pharmacy) opened January 13th 1852 by resolution of King Frederik the 7th of Denmark. After almost 50 years of rejections to numerous applications from the town citizens and priests, the town finally succeeded convincing the ministry of health to open a farmacy in Odder. 1½ y...

In 1879, the Odder main street was paved. Today, we bridge conversations – such as when you have a lovely massage.

Many types of wellness

Take the time to explore the many nuances of wellness that Odder has to offer. You can burn off energy in our fitness centres andexperience the warmth spreading to your fingertips.

Or you can dive into a world of beauty, go shopping and return home with a bag full of health products. There are many possibilities and the choice is yours. You deserve to be pampered. 

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