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On holiday in Odder

In Odder, phenomenal beaches, charming farm shops and the classical charm of the country town fight for your attention. It is never boring being here, whether you spend the weekend, a holiday of a week or more in a summer house, or your spare time. 

Odder - The City of Everyday Wonder

Odder is located at the heart of Denmark. That is, if you close your right eye and forget about the island of  Bornholm. Also, our hearts are in everything we do. We are down to earth. So it’s actually true.

10 things you must do while in Odder

Unspoilt nature, nooks, crannies and breathing spaces so far known by only a few. Hurry up and experience these spots before it is too late.

Guides to big and small experiences

Our ideas for spending your vacation in Odder.

Did you know that the TV hostess Sofie Linde, the handball player Thomas Mogensen, the politician Kirsten Brosbøl, the rower Juliane Elander and the actor Jens Jørn Spottag and the actress Andrea Vagn Jensen are among the well-known Danes who originate from Odder?

Alle eventyr kræver planlægning

Eller gør de? I Kystlandet er oplevelserne lige til at springe ud i.

Se videoen: Tag på dit helt eget eventyr i Kystlandet

Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Being bored takes effort

There are many surprises for those who dare leave the big city – a wide selection of culinary titbits, cultural events and you can really go to town on the shopping. And Odder has even much more to offer.

Eat well

Photo: Folkebistroen

Calendar: What’s on

Photo: Aage Juul

Farm shops

Photo: Fru Møllers Mølleri

Tunø Treasure Hunt - The Movie

Photo: Impuls Film

A lovely getaway at the coast

Stay near the water

Spend the night in a holiday home, at a campsite, a hotel or an inn.

Experience Horsens Fjord on bicycle

The bicycle ferry Alrø-Snaptun will take you and your two-wheeler safely across the fjord.

Get close to real Morten Korch idyll

Explore the island with its timber frame houses and traditional farms where the famous Danish author found inspiration for his books.

Taste outstanding food

Norsminde is renowned for its exquisite eateries. From small titbits to gourmet and impressive fish courses.

Cosy ports

Take in the unique atmosphere of Hou and buy local delicacies to take home.

Odder moments

When cycling around Alrø. Or watching the sun set at Saksild Beach. Catching crabs on Tunø or enjoying an ice-cream in front of the fountain in Odder. Odder moments are memories for life. Remember to share them with us at #VisitOdder.