Norsminde – Catching crabs and lovely fish cakes

Photo: Jens Hasse

The cosy marina at Norsminde Fjord is the perfect destination for a day trip on a hot summer’s day. First and foremost because of the fine dining options - whether you are into smoked fish or gourmet food at a historic inn. Take the family with you, buy an ice-cream, or go for a walk by th

Culinary experiences at the port

The port of Norsminde is not big, but as soon as the sun comes out, it is teeming with life. Along the quay you find Norsminde Fiskehus, where you can sit on the terrace and eat delicious fish dishes or enjoy a cold beverage. Also, visit the small shop whose legendary fish cakes you simply must taste!

Fiskehuset på Norsminde Havn

Photo: Fiskehuset

At the port you also find also a heavyweight in Danish gastronomy. Norsminde Kro offers both a brasserie and Restaurant Près, a top gourmet restaurant. Their menu of five or eight dishes, snacks, coffee and sweets is a feast for the senses and a terrific taste experience.

Norsminde Kro

Photo: Jesper Rais
Did you know that the history of Norsminde Kro dates back to 1693?

Today, Norsminde Kro is one of Denmark's gastronomic high seats. The raw materials for Brasseriet and Restaurant Près is often sourced locally. The meat comes from Solbjerg, the fish from the fjord, the berries from their own fields and so on. Brandbygegaard and Øko Ged & Grønt count themselves amongst the local suppliers.

Take the children to Norsminde

At Norsminde, there are several places where you can buy ice-cream and other sweet things - amongst others at Norsminde Ice cream booth at the inn. Also, let the children try their hand at catching crabs. There is a crab jetty in the port, so tie bait to a stick and see if you can catch crab meat for the family dinner. It is also possible to borrow a life jacket.

On a hike around Kysingnæs on the south side of the fjord, the little ones can cavort in nature and perhaps play in the soft sand on the beach. 

The overlooked fjord

Norsminde is located where Norsminde Fjord meets the Kattegat via a sluice and a narrow inlet. The fjord is not one of Denmark's best known but it is beautiful, nonetheless. Norsminde Fjord is popular with kayakers and we also recommend taking a bike ride around the fjord. 

These are experiences to be had at Norsminde